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BKLYN Staff Picks- Picture Books

The Amazing Hamweenie
The Amazing Hamweenie By Bowman, Patty (Book - 2012 ) J-E BOWMAN Available in some locations

Annotation:"Cats seem to be all the rage these days. The book is beautifully illustrated and the story has some dark undertones." - Jamie (BPL's Art & Design Department)

An Annoying ABC
An Annoying ABC By Bottner, Barbara (Book - 2011 ) J-E BOTTNER Available in some locations

Annotation:Theresa from the Canarsie Library suggests this funny book about how a classroom full of kids, from Adelaide to Zelda, get on each other's nerves.

Bark, George
Bark, George By Feiffer, Jules (Book - 1999 ) J-E FEIFFER Available in some locations

Annotation:"The book is funny and holds everyone's attention. The children like the sound effects of the various animals." - Lynn (Borough Park Library)

Belly Button Book!
Belly Button Book! By Boynton, Sandra (Board Book - 2011 ) J-E BOYNTON Available in some locations

Annotation:"My daughter’s favorite. She’s 13 months and loves books!! It’s all about how hippos love their belly buttons—super cute!” - Janel (Volunteer Resources)

The Best Pet of All
The Best Pet of All By LaRochelle, David (Book - 2009 ) J-E LAROCHELLE Available in some locations

Annotation:Felix from BPL's Bibliobus thinks you'll enjoy this tale of a boy and dragon who hatch a plan to convince the boy's mother he needs a pet dog.

A Chair for My Mother
A Chair for My Mother By Williams, Vera B. (Book - 1982 ) J-E WILLIAMS Available in some locations

Annotation:"I loved reading this book because it showed how a family can stick together even through tough situations." - Zimbabwe (Brooklyn Heights Library)

City Dog, Country Frog
City Dog, Country Frog By Willems, Mo (Book - 2010 ) J-E WILLEMS Available in some locations

Annotation:John from BPL's The Child's Place for Children with Special Needs recommends Mo Willems' poignant story about two friends.

Corduroy By Freeman, Don, 1908-1978 (Book - 2008 ) J-E FREEMAN Available in some locations

Annotation:Svetlana from the Sheepshead Bay Library recommends this classic about a teddy bear's adventures in a department store.

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs By Barton, Byron (Book - 1989 ) J-E BARTON Available in some locations

Annotation:“Great Play-Doh like pictures of our extinct dinosaur friends, this book is awesome for read-alouds. It helps the young readers to develop an appreciation of the diverse animals whether through the long pronunciations of their names, or practicing loud ROARS!” - Taina (Clinton Hill Library)

The Elves and the Shoemaker
The Elves and the Shoemaker By LaMarche, Jim (Book - 2003 ) J 398.2 L Available in some locations

Annotation:"It was the first book I received as a child growing up, as such, it brings back great memories and will remain special to me.” - Gloria (Cypress Hills Library)

Hank Finds An Egg
Hank Finds An Egg By Dudley, Rebecca, 1963- (Book - 2013 ) J-E DUDLEY Available in some locations

Annotation:"The illustrations are adorable, the story is so sweet. It just makes you feel good. It is wordless and can be used with children of a variety of ages.” - Sarah (Borough Park Library)

Harry, the Dirty Dog
Harry, the Dirty Dog By Zion, Gene (Book - 2002 ) J-E ZION Available in some locations

Annotation:"This was always one of my favorites as a child because I loved when Harry became unrecognizable, and then once he was clean, he planned to do it all over again. It is also one of the all-time favorites of my son." - Kristie (BPL's Finance Department)

I Kissed the Baby!
I Kissed the Baby! By Murphy, Mary, 1961- (Board Book - 2005 ) J-E MURPHY Available in some locations

Annotation:"It works well for newborns and up into the toddler years. My nephew used to the kiss the book whenever I read it to him. Adorable!" - Rachel (Youth and Family Services)

I Want My Hat Back
I Want My Hat Back By Klassen, Jon (Book - 2011 ) J-E KLASSEN Available in some locations

Annotation:“The illustrations caught my eye and, even before reading through it completely, I loved it. I purchased it for one of my nephews. It’s silly and funny—very easy for ages 3-5 to be amused with.” - Tim (BPL's Art & Design Department)

It's A Tiger!
It's A Tiger! By LaRochelle, David (Book - 2012 ) J-E LAROCHELLE Available in some locations

Annotation:"A hit at storytime, IT'S A TIGER! asks kids to run, jump, climb and swim away from a sneaky 'hungry' tiger. Kids have a blast interacting with this book and will be screaming out 'it's a tiger!' at everything they see." - Chris (Marcy Library)

Mr. Maxwell's Mouse
Mr. Maxwell's Mouse By Asch, Frank (Book - 2004 ) J-E ASCH Available in some locations

Annotation:“I love how the clever mouse triumphs! And the art is wonderful.” - Alison (BookOps)

The Monster at the End of This Book
The Monster at the End of This Book By Stone, Jon (Book - 2004 ) J-E Available in some locations

Annotation:"This book gets kids excited about reading and feeds into their desire to be defiant (just kidding). It is a fun read and always gets kids laughing. And, who doesn’t love Grover?" - Christine (Brooklyn Connections Program)

Oh, the Places You'll Go!
Oh, the Places You'll Go! By Seuss (Book - 1990 ) J-E SEUSS Available in some locations

Annotation:Charisse from the Clinton Hill Library loves these words of wisdom from Dr. Seuss.

Pickles to Pittsburgh
Pickles to Pittsburgh By Barrett, Judi (Book - 2000 ) J-E BARRETT Available in some locations

Annotation:Martie from the Bay Ridge Library recommends this sequel to CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS.

Please, Baby, Please
Please, Baby, Please By Lee, Spike (Book - 2002 ) J-E LEE Available in some locations

Annotation:"My youngest daughter was just learning to speak and loved to repeat 'please, baby, please' as I read to her. She also enjoyed the illustration of the baby running around without a diaper because that’s exactly how she walked around the house, too!” - Raquel (Marketing & Communications Department)

Tacky the Penguin
Tacky the Penguin By Lester, Helen (Book - 1988 ) J-E Available in some locations

Annotation:Chana at the Flatlands Library suggests Helen Lester's delightful book about an unconventional penguin.


Brooklyn Public Library staff members, from accountants to librarians, recommend their favorite picture books. Enjoy!


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